R&D Lab Director

Vinod, a R&D Lab Director

In my daily work, I oversee key projects, processes and performance reports, data and analysis.
I negotiate contracts with consulting firms to perform research or other applicable studies or support.
I plan and formulate aspects of research and development proposals such as applications that can be utilized from findings, costs of project, and equipment and human resource requirements.

Research Team

Innovation is in a scientist’s DNA. Vinod supervises a team of researchers specialised in health nutrition, skincare and infectious diseases. They focus on four main research fields:

  • how to prevent diabetes, chronic diseases for people like Wendy in Singapore
  • how to improve elderly’s health for people like Jason

He led several successful collaborations with Singaporean universities, agencies and research institutes like A*STAR, with companies and with hospitals (Hospital Director Bryan).

He is assisted in his strategic regulatory and scientific affairs with consulting firms.

In his role as Lab Director, Vinod has to enhance his laboratory’s efficiency.  To this end, he invested in 3D microscopes and automated instruments to perform rapid, reliable and safe in vitro diagnostics tests.

Laboratory safety is also one of his concerns as biomarkers and research agents, that need to be transported in sensitive conditions, are used by his team.

New Technologies

In this rapidly evolving sector, Vinod knows that he needs to anticipate and embrace Medical Industry 4.0 to keep ahead of the competition.

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