Joe at the Stadium

Joe, a health-conscious young adult

Working out twice a week, choosing the stairs instead of the lift, maintaining a balanced diet with fruits and veggies, laying off cigarettes, I believe that it is important to keep fit and healthy.

Joe uses Apps

Joe is a young man fond of sports and technology.

Like most health-conscious young adults, he is constantly looking for new healthy lifestyle tips, using digital apps and staying connected with wearables.


Nutrition is a significant part of his wellbeing.

Aside from his balanced diet, he also takes nutritional supplementsGood hygiene and an on-going skincare routine constitute another important part of his habits.

Without knowing it, most of these healthcare strategic innovations he benefits from are driven by consulting firms.

Health Checks

He knows how important it is to undergo regular health screening, by a physician like Radha, supported by diagnostic tests, and he may sometimes be prescribed with some medication for a short while.

At a free eye check at an optical shop, he found out that he needed sunglasses with corrective lenses.


A responsible fellow, Joe is conscious of healthcare costs.

He is interested in finding adequate health insurance schemes for himself.

He enjoys travelling a lot, and while planning for his next trip, he is looking for medical assistance services.

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