Wendy, Diabetes Type 2

Wendy, a pregnant woman with a family history of Type 2 Diabetes

Even though many people do not feel the symptoms for Type 2 Diabetes, I found that I was often very thirsty and had to go to the bathroom a lot, especially at night. I felt very tired and my vision was blurry. Also, I did not understand why sores or cuts wouldn’t heal…

Wendy uses Apps

Wendy is a 25 year-old woman. She is pregnant and she is looking to find the most affordable insurance option to cover her medical expenses.

She has a family history of Type 2 Diabetes and is worried that she might also be affected. When she eats out, she uses an app to guide herself to find the best healthy meal options.

She also likes taking nutritional supplements.

Mother of two at the optical shop

Now a mother of two a few years later, she takes her family to the optical shop, where she could find glasses with ophthalmic lenses and ophthalmic medication for her elder toddler.

As part of a diagnostic campaign, an optometrist diagnosed Wendy with an early-stage diabetic retinopathy during her eye check-up.

Medical check up

In addition to obtaining medicine from her physician Radha to stabilise diabetes, she learns about health education disease through her health education materials.

In order to monitor her progress, she uses personalised assessment tools.

Wendy also gets wound care to take care of her foot sores.

She talks a lot with her physician during these regular health checks.

Happy family time

Like every young mother, Wendy wants to provide her son with healthy food habits at home.

She is confident that his school will also provide daily balanced meals.

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