Value-Based Care & Innovation

How to go beyond the patient care?



We know for a fact that…


Adherence to long-term therapy for chronic illnesses in developed countries averages *


More than 75% of all patients expect to use digital services in the future **

Health and Biomedical Sciences budget is approximately 20% of the overall RIE2020 budget of S$19B ***

(*) World Health Organisation, Adherence to long term therapies evidence for action, 2003

(**) McKinsey Digital Patient Survey,2014


How can we address these challenges together?

R&D plays a very important part for innovation support and development.

This new innovation model can be summarised by the 4Ps of the innovative-value based:



With a strong customer centric approach (patient and HCPs).



A great illustration is the development of Augmented Reality as a key promoting technology to empower patients and HCPs. The usage of smart cities and digital data is also part of constant innovation.



Creation of Patient Support Programme including mobile applications to facilitate healthy lifestyle behaviours and disease management. Diagnostic is also essential for preventive aspects.



Through the leverage of social media and mobile applications.


Innovation and R&D are key to all stakeholders including healthcare providers, patients, payers, pharmaceutical industries providing better benefits.

Go beyond the product through innovative services & digitalisation


Be at the edge of the scientific discovery


Assist patients for a better compliance treatment


Help healthcare providers to monitor treatment of patients

Interview with David Picard, Chief Executive Officer, Moleac

How would you define Innovation?

Innovation is what changes the paradigm for patients. Delivering a solution which will improve patients’ health, by addressing an unmet need or enhancing the standard of care for a given disease.

An example of disruptive innovation in healthcare?


After a Stroke, patients with disabilities have very few treatment options but rehabilitation and certain stimulation techniques. We have identified in traditional Chinese medicine, a route to develop a new pharmaceutical treatment. As such we propose an innovative pharmacological treatment to assist post stroke recovery. This was an unmet therapeutic need until then. Clinical trials data show that after 3-month treatment, patients have an average 50% more chances to achieve independence at 6 month vs the placebo group.

Why is innovation essential to healthcare?


As we live longer, we need new set of diseases and health issue requiring new attentions. Innovation in Healthcare is therefore key to keep improving people’s lives.

How does Singapore drive innovative healthcare solutions?

Singapore did an excellent job in supporting research and attracting innovative companies. Building on excellent academic institutions, well trained teams, key infrastructures and strategic public-private collaborations. The government initiative focus has shifted from initially focusing on pure research to translational research, from pharmaceutical only to MedTech, and manufacturing has also become an area of focus. Today, the biopharmaceutical industry represents a blooming sector of Singapore’s economic growth.

David Picard co-founded Moleac and has been serving as CEO since, driving innovation, product and commercial development.
Prior to founding Moleac, David has spent ten years at the Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”) where he was a member of the worldwide Health Care Practice Area. He has worked both in Europe and in Asia.
David graduated from the two top engineering schools in France, Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, where he majored in mathematics and economics. David also holds a French degree (“DESS”) in business law. He is the author of several publications.
David also serve on the board of Greenship Holdings, Greenship Bulk, and Altavia Asia.
He was appointed in by the French Minister of Economy, Advisor to the French Foreign Trade in 2012.

Capgemini: Taking the digital pulse


We support pharmaceutical players in bringing services beyond the product to enhance the patient’s compliance in their treatment, and treatment experience, via connectivity & digital tools.

Ipsen: Singapore as hub for Southeast Asia


Singapore offers a unique opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to develop themselves in Southeast Asia. Ipsen is committed to offers innovative solutions to patients and their doctors to improve their life and the treatment of their diseases.

Ipsen invests in the community focusing its efforts on patients associations and charitable work. Our commitment reflects the Group’s corporate social responsibility policy, and Ipsen’s employees are our leading ambassadors.

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