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The construction of a Healthcare infrastructure requires to combine the know-how of a large Main Contractor with the specific knowledge of the healthcare sector and its constraints.

With 463 realisations carried out by the Bouygues Construction Group around the world, including 189 in the last 5 years, our Group is one of the undisputed major players in the design and the construction of healthcare facilities.

We can help you design and build the hospital of the future using:

  • The latest design trends in terms of space optimization, green & energy efficient building, IOT
  • Innovative construction methods and technologies for a safer, better and faster project
  • Newest facility management systems to optimize you Opex


Our objective: to realise your healthcare facility in a true spirit of partnership.


Watch the video of Jim Pattison Hospital:


ENGIE Services Singapore is a market leader in Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solutions, with expertise in mission critical facilities. Active since more than 30 years, the company employs over 1000 employees and is a service partner to a diverse number of clients across a wide range of industries namely healthcare, aviation, education, government and commercial.

ENGIE is currently managing 5 out of 9 government hospitals and over 35 facilities across Singapore. In addition, ENGIE Services provide rail engineering services, as well as energy efficiency solutions as an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO).

ENGIE Services is part of the ENGIE Group, a global energy player in electricity, natural gas and energy services.

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare


Schneider Electric brings its innovation at every level to healthcare — from the emergency room to the executive suite — to enable organizations to improve operational and energy efficiency, as well as patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

Sodexo has been an active contributor to the healthcare sector for over 40 years. Our 76,000 employees are based on-site in 7,800 hospitals and aged care facilities across 37 countries.  Sodexo teams help clients provide the best possible experience to their patients. Our customized solutions are specifically geared to improving the satisfaction of patients and their families and enhancing the efficiency and reputation of our clients.

Sodexo Singapore has designed, managed and delivered the most efficient, safe and value for money food services and facilities management solutions for our clients. In Singapore, Sodexo employs 1,100 people, and delivers a range of integrated on-site services to consumers in various industries. In Healthcare, we provide Food Services to 8 hospitals and Nursing Homes.

As an industrial services and solutions company, 90,000 SUEZ employees deliver daily concrete solutions to local authorities, industries, consumers and farmers everywhere in the world, to help them sustainably and efficiently manage their resources.


SGItech is distributing Nanolive’s revolutionary and technological disruptive holo-tomographic microscope to look instantly inside living cells.


bioMérieux contributes to the quality of patient care with high medical value diagnostic applications. Our in vitro diagnostics solutions for private and hospital laboratories are mainly used for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Diagnostics tests have a critical impact on quality at each step of the healthcare chain:

Diagnostics help improve patient management


  • Preventing certain diseases with screening
  • Early diagnosis, when symptoms are still very mild
  • Accurate diagnosis, by identifying the pathogen responsible of an infectious disease
  • Supporting therapeutic decisions and treatment monitoring


Diagnostics benefit healthcare systems


  • Generating savings: reduce over prescription of treatments and shorten hospital length of stay
  • Supporting healthcare policy for epidemiological monitoring and control


Denis Group provides HealthCare specialists with solutions to better diagnose, monitor and treat cancers and brain-related diseases.


Ipsen teams work closely with hospitals around the globe to build fruitful cooperation that can relay on academic research partnerships, clinical studies developments and real life patient data outcomes measurements.


Urgo offers a wide range of Advanced Wound Care products to treat the hospital’s patients.

Thanks to Urgo’s patented technologies, the patients will heal faster and shorten their hospital’s stay. The hospital will save treatment costs.


Air Liquide provides with Medical Gas, Home Healthcare and engineering.


Bolloré Logistics offers delivery of sensitive medical equipment or supplies.

Bolloré Logistics Singapore was successfully awarded by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as CEIV Pharma-compliant at its platform located in the Airport Logistics Park, and is one of the first transport and logistics companies in Singapore to receive this certification.



Work with key stakeholders (pharmaceutical-medical device companies / insurance companies, public authorities (governments, associations,…) to:

  • Define & design prevention or disease awareness programs & campaigns with a specific target (eg: at school, in the office, in public transport,..) -> define the key messages, where and what to advertise…



  • Design diagnostic programs (bringing more people to get a diagnostic for diabetes: how? When? How to convince them?),
  • Scouting of partners, tools or technologies for companies to develop innovative diagnostic devices or tools (eg: connected diagnostic tools to ease the process, reduce time spent,…)
  • Build a diagnostic campaign (key messages to advertise)




  • Develop connected care programs (treatment program to enroll the patient into his treatment for diabetes, communication with the relevant HCPs, provide the patient with relevant information on diabetes & adequate behavior throughout the treatment, ensure compliance via innovative / digital tools (such as applications or connected devices for example)
  • Patient centricity = develop services to go beyond the product for pharmaceutical companies (eg: connected devices to measure the glucose level in real time linked to an application to communicate the results and have a real-time discussion with the doctor in case of a crisis or event)

Work at the hospital level for the hospital director or pharmaceutical-medical device companies to:

  • Work on efficiency programs to make the patient journey for diabetics more integrated and efficient => with an impact of reducing time spent in the hospital (quality of life of the patient) and therefore costs, and enhance the number of patients to be treated by the hospital (less time for each patient so opportunity to receive more patients)

Work with pharmaceutical-medical device companies all along the treatment process to:

  • Build partnerships with homecare providers to bring services to the patients throughout their treatments
  • Build partnerships with other third party players such as insurance companies to optimize treatment costs and treatment burden for patients and their families

To transform for improved care outcomes and patient experiences for significantly less cost, find out more about Capgemini’s approaches and solutions to enable this transformation:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Health information exchanges
  • Patient centricity

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