Helping People with Cancer

French healthcare solutions focusing on cancer, in order to help patients like Debbie.


The construction of a Healthcare infrastructure requires to combine the know-how of a large Main Contractor with the specific knowledge of the healthcare sector and its constraints.

With 463 realisations carried out by the Bouygues Construction Group around the world, including 189 in the last 5 years, our Group is one of the undisputed major players in the design and the construction of healthcare facilities.

We can help you design and build the hospital of the future using:

  • The latest design trends in terms of space optimization, green & energy efficient building, IOT.
  • Innovative construction methods and technologies for a safer, better and faster project.
  • Newest facility management systems to optimize you Opex.


Our objective: to realise your healthcare facility in a true spirit of partnership


Jim Pattison Hospital:


SGItech is distributing Nanolive’s revolutionary and technological disruptive holo-tomographic microscope to look instantly inside living cells.


Focusing on targeted oncology diseases, Ipsen aims to provide fully integrated patient care, contribute to improved diagnosis and provide treatment options tailored to patient needs along with targeted support services.

Cancer research is one of Pierre Fabre’s priorities, with programs focusing particularly on targeted biotherapies.

We work in fields where there the medical expectations are extremely high: solid tumors (breast, lung, colon, ovarian, bladder, and ENT cancers), onco-hematology (leukemia, myeloma, bone marrow transplants), and onco-dermatology, applying our four areas of expertise, namely new chemical entities, natural substances, biotherapies, and immunotherapy.

In an ever-changing world, only a healthy population will be able to rise to the societal and economic challenges of tomorrow. And a healthy population begins with personal health.

At Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, we believe the best advocate you can have for your own health and well-being is yourself. That’s why we’re committed to providing consumers around the world with self-care solutions that empower them to better manage their personal health.

Servier is committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs in these following therapeutic areas:


  • Cardiovascular
  • Diabetes
  • Neurodegeneratives diseases
  • Angiology
  • Chronic Asthenia


We transform lives; With proper cover in place we advise you on how to have freedom to choose where to receive your treatment, be it in Singapore or another country. We help you focus on your return to good health.

We are committed to excellence; We go the extra mile to help and support you on all levels ensuring all the benefits of your policy understood and properly utilized.

You can count on us; We are there for you and your loved ones, 24/7!


You didn’t probably know that Drcom helps patients seeking health care providers guidance for symptoms (diagnosis), patients with a condition seeking treatment from health care providers (treatment), patients seeking guidance after treatment/surgery (post-treatment), through different tools like Digital tools, or Print brochures…




Alcimed works with key stakeholders (pharmaceutical-medical device companies / insurance companies, public authorities – governments, associations,…) to:

  • Test innovative approaches around dementia (eg: prevent Alzheimer disease through nutritional / medical food approaches)



Alcimed works with key stakeholders to:

  • Define diagnostic programs (bringing more people to get a diagnostic, at a younger age, and more frequently),
  • Build a diagnostic campaign (key messages to advertise, where and what messages? For what purpose? Which targeted population?…)



Alcimed works key stakeholders to:

  • Develop connected care programs (treatment program to enroll the patient into his treatment for diabetes, communication with the relevant HCPs, provide the patient with relevant information on the cancer treatment & adequate behavior throughout the treatment, ensure compliance via innovative / digital tools (applications, connected devices, …)
  • Patient centricity = develop services to go beyond the product for pharmaceutical companies (eg: patient support programs)


Alcimed works at the hospital level for the hospital director or pharmaceutical-medical device companies to:

  • Work on efficiency programs to make the patient journey for cancer patients more integrated and efficient => with an impact of reducing time spent in the hospital (quality of life of the patient) and therefore costs, and enhance the number of patients to be treated by the hospital (less time for each patient so opportunity to receive more patients)


Alcimed works with pharmaceutical-medical device companies all along the treatment process to:

  • Build partnerships with homecare providers to bring services to the patients throughout their treatments
  • Build partnerships with other third party players such as insurance companies to optimize treatment costs and treatment burden for patients and their families



Cancer patients can experience a range of nutritional problems, including poor appetite, weight loss and/or swallowing problems.

Nutricia can help those patients by proposing a Medical Nutrition Solution to supplement the diet of patients unable to meet their nutritional requirements from other foods, or used as a sole source of nutrition.

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