French Solutions for the Elderly

French solutions can improve seniors citizens’ life like Jason, who is suffering from Dementia.



Alcimed works with key stakeholders (pharmaceutical-medical device companies / insurance companies, public authorities – governments, associations, …) to:

  • Good habits: practicing sports, eating healthy food, being active, …
  • Prevention when travelling: vaccination, insurance, good behaviors to adopt abroad…
  • Work with companies or authorities on the development of innovative devices or tools to measure: activity, weight, heart rate…


Alcimed works with key stakeholders to:

  • Push healthy citizens to get regular check-ups throughout his life for potential diseases: diabetes, cholesterol, for women (breast cancer, ovarian cancer….), Alzheimer disease, … depending on the sex and age of the healthy citizen.


New Protein is a VENTURE Capital Fund.

New Protein invests in starts-up, creating solutions as 3D Food Printing, functionnal peptides, or good source of proteins designed to improve elderly nutrition.


Sometimes handling could be an issue and people tend to scratch their lenses. Crial Lenses offer the best in class coating that is able to resist scratches and hence earning crystal clear vision at all times.

Laboratoires Théa is an independent pharmaceutical company specialised in the research, development and commercialisation of eye care products.


A pressure ulcer can appear in 3 hours and takes 3-5 months to heal. It is painful and disabling.

Urgo preserves the quality of life of the nursing home’s patients by preventing pressure ulcer with a specific and unique solution to apply on the skin.


You didn’t probably know that Drcom helps patients seeking health care providers guidance for symptoms (diagnosis), patients with a condition seeking treatment from health care providers (treatment), patients seeking guidance after treatment/surgery (post-treatment), through different tools like Digital tools, or Print brochures…


Cardiovascular disease in older Singaporean imposes a huge burden for the everyday life.

The occurrence of congestive heart failure (CHF) remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients suffering from acute myocardial infarct representing actually the most common cause of death.

There is thus an enormous opportunity to foster successful aging and to increase functional life years.

CellProthera’s innovative technology allows to regenerate the heart muscle thanks to a stem cell therapy through a minimally invasive surgery.

Increased life expectancy makes it even more important for us to pursue our vocation: finding effective therapeutic solutions to cure patients or relieve their suffering and offer value to the community.

As a life journey partner, Sanofi invests more and more in Research and Development each year, to reach 6 Billion Euros by 2020.

Our teams develop innovative health solutions to serve people from prevention to treatment, by leveraging partnerships with the nest in class scientific organisations.

Servier is committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs in these following therapeutic areas:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Diabetes
  • Neurodegeneratives diseases
  • Angiology
  • Chronic Asthenia


When you’re feeling unwell, the last thing you need is added stress.

Now you don’t need to wait weeks to get a doctor’s appointment, travel far to see a doctor, or worry that you can’t afford it. Dr Gratis takes care of everything.

Our easy-to-use app is one of the first mobile solutions to offer live and affordable medical advice in emerging countries.

It connects you instantly with a reputable doctor who will answer all of your questions, give you advice, and direct you to more information.

Dr Gratis gives you all the tools you need to make informed decisions when it comes to managing and preventing disease. We’re committed to providing trusted healthcare wherever you are, whenever you need it. Your health is in the palm of your hands.

Download Dr Gratis now.

UbiSmart is the central solution of IPAL, namely a B-to-B or B-to-C digital platform providing visualization, understanding and assessment of an individual’s behaviour in a specific environment.

In an increasing ageing world’s population, UbiSmart positions itself as the pioneering digital platform for preventive health. UbiSmart works hand-to-hand with a specific set of sensors capable of collecting data from an individual or a segment of population in any given environment. The data collected from the sensors is treated through UbiSmart, showing different activity patterns and behavioural changes and alerting when an intervention is needed.

An innovative solution, UbiSmart sets a solid ground in the field of preventive healthcare by empowering individuals and cities into an early detection of risks associated with frailty and ageing through an intelligent digital platform.

IPAL aims to contribute to the new role of social and health services in an increasing ageing world’s population. To the elderly citizen, IPAL’s solution: UbiSmart represents a vital support in the monitoring of risks associated with frailty and MCI (Mid-Cognitive Impairment). It empowers the individual to timely detect any changes on behaviours in a daily routine, that could result in health deterioration. UbiSmart alerts on-time of these changes for early intervention of social and health services.


Our deep expertise in modular construction (PPVC) allows us to build faster than when using traditional construction methods. It means we can deliver more beds so you don’t have to wait when you need one.


Sodexo provides with balanced and controled meals by nutritionist, HID prevention via strengest hygiene practices HK desinfection and cross contamination prevention.


Nutricia can provide to elderly patients Medical Nutrition products that address a range of diseases and health issues, enhancing their recovery or improving quality of life through specific dietary management:

For patients with early Alzheimer’s disease, an innovative medical nutrition that has been clinically proven to improve memory, for patients with swallowing difficulties an effective way to take an adequate nutrition and hydration, as well as for patients with pressure ulcers via a proper dietary management.

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