Solutions for Corporate HR Directors

Healthcare solutions for HR Directors, such as Nishtha.

LOGISTICS: Move or store your pharma goods in the best conditions

Bolloré Logistics delivers medical supplies in temperature controlled trucks.

Bolloré Logistics Singapore was successfully awarded by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as CEIV Pharma-compliant at its platform located in the Airport Logistics Park, and is one of the first transport and logistics companies in Singapore to receive this certification.

MEDICAL & SECURITY SERVICES: Travel with ease and focus on business

International SOS helps them implement Travel Risk Mitigation Programmes / Occupational Health and Wellbeing Programmes / First Aid Training / First Aid Kits / Travel Risk Awareness Training / Health Education / Travel Tracker and ensures their travellers have access to Pre-travel Assessment and Advice / Destination Briefings / Up to date Health & Travel Security Alerts / Medical & Security Assistance / Emotional Support.

INSURERS & BROKERS: Provide comprehensive employee benefits insurance programmes

We transform lives: We give you the possibility to provide excellent insurance benefits to your employees all managed by Abacare, ensuring optimum service and support.

We are committed to excellence: Abacare absorbs the unnecessary workload of insurance and claims administration in partnership with Human Resources.

You can count on us: Abacare is your go to service and support provider for all emergencies, letters of guarantee, claims and benefits advice for you and your staff, available 24/7.

The corporate Human Resources Director can offer health benefits to her employees thanks to MyHEALTH Business, a package providing tailor-made insurance plans for large groups and SMEs.

Designed for businesses, APRIL International’s plans are for companies in Asia wanting to deliver the best level of healthcare to their employees, regardless of nationality or status. They were particularly designed for those who want the best private treatment, travel regularly or live and work outside of their home country.

The Corporate HR Director can provide his or her company’s employees with valuable preventive health protection with Smart Vision, our innovative eye care plan developed in partnership with VSP Vision Care that offers features such as:

  • A comprehensive eye examination
  • Discounts on prescription frames and contact lens at Optical 88 retail locations

With its comprehensive eye examination benefit, Smart Vision empowers the Corporate HR Director to help his or her employees uncover not only vision problems, but also critical health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, before they become advanced and more costly to treat.

By enabling employees to detect underlying health conditions early and thus engage in early treatment, Smart Vision helps the Corporate HR Director to achieve higher levels of productivity and cost savings across the company, arising from lower incidents of absenteeism, disability, and turnover.

Smart vision

UEX has designed a specific offer for corporates.

  • Adapt employee profiles to help them choose
  • Customize  each dependant coverages depending on their needs
  • Educate Employees on cover values
    Help them understand
  • Share with their family
    Get some advice from UEX
  • Offers comprehensive options

… And much more!

UEX slideshow

MEDICAL CLINIC: Check your employee’s health

CHI partnerships with corporate companies providing regular health education and wellness talks in respect of major risks of illness in Singapore. In addition, our team of practitioners also provide health screening for corporate clients and executives.

CONSULTING: Marketing & Communication

ZORBA thinks, creates and produces all about stories, from scientific consulting and strategic planning to design and production.

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