Radha, a Physician

For me, the heart of medicine resides in an effective doctor-patient communication to build a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship and to set up the right diagnostic.

Radha Physician

Radha is a physician. In her clinic, she manages a stock of medicines and medical supplies and patient samples which have to be transported in compliance with health and sanitation regulations.

She is closely following up with diabetic patients like Wendy, as well as elderly patients like Jason, with whom she recently identified sleep apnea problems.

Radha Nutrition

In her opinion, nutrition is a crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle and she is always concerned about her patients’ eating habits.

She believes that food supplements  can boost their immune systems and advanced medical nutrition can help relieve illnesses.


She considers prevention and early diagnosis as key. Her role is also to advise patients like Joe, in need of health screening and health insurance.

To keep up with the latest medical trends, and new technologies, she often attends medical congresses.

Stay informed

She is tech-savvy and stays informed on how technologies can ease her patients’ lives.

She recently discovered sensors for early detection of behaviours that might result in health deterioration, especially for ageing patients like Jason.

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