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ZORBA thinks, creates and produces all about stories, from scientific consulting and strategic planning to design and production.


ZORBA is a brand content strategy and creative agency, now present in Europe (2003) and Asia (Shanghai, 2013 and Singapore, 2017). On its foundations of a full-service agency, ZORBA integrated all production and post-production resources and tools.

Additionally, ZORBA stretched its array in 2013 to include scientists to its creatives crucible, and created ZORBA LifeSciences, a unit dedicated to Sciences and Innovations Brand Content and led by one lead motto: ‘Making Complex Messages Simple and Accessible”.

ZORBA keeps growing by integrating new technologies such as A.I., V.R and A.R. for the good of the brands and consumers.


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ZORBA Solutions

The agency aimed from its very beginning to tailor-made strategy and content for brand stories & users’ connection, engagement and experiences. ZORBA thinks, creates and produces all about stories!

ZORBA, “It’s All About Stories”. And this translates into meaningful concepts, outstanding visuals and entertaining narratives, and purposeful stories.

For many years, ZORBA became the partner for Brand Content and Entertainment of numerous groups including FMCG, Cosmetics & Beauty, Retail, Hospitality, Eyewear, Automotive, …


With the unit of ZORBA LifeSciences, the agency also can design all Brand Content related to Science, Technologies and Innovations. LifeSciences portfolio currently includes Nutrition/Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices, Energy & Environment, Biotech, Personal Care & Homecare.

Success Story

“Science and innovation is everywhere”

One key success story of ZORBA is its creation and development of the unit ZORBA LifeSciences.

The story started in 2013 in China, where ZORBA felt most than elsewhere that Brands needed to more and better endorse their innovation and expertise legacy, and finally define and push forward their innovative (somehow, scientific) competitive advantage.

Melting a pool of scientists to creatives, ZORBA allowed a new way to interact with clients to better understand their sciences and innovations, their expertise advantages and challenges, but also to adjust the narrative tone and manner to the “just-right” sciences without compromising on the visuals, being well-rooted into ad codes and consumers’ current graphic expectations.

The development of ZORBA LifeSciences expanded nicely but also rapidly as this did not serve only Sciences & Health but also other fields such as cosmetics & personal care to apparel and nutrition.


“Science and innovation is everywhere”.

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