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Visioglobe is a SAS created in 2007 by Eric Bernard and Philippe Poutignat and counts today 16 people. A fundraising of 1.2 M€ was made in 2009.

About Visioglobe

Initially, Visioglobe addressed the outdoor digital mapping market: navigation on roads, ski slopes, hiking trails, golf courses embedded in a PDA and other materials. From 2011, the company has focused on the indoor digital mapping market based on the 3D powerful engine.


Today Visioglobe covers thousands of square meters of offices, large shopping centers, some of the most prestigious airports and hospitals making it easier for customers / passengers / patients inside the building to find their way or display any real time information that could improve the life, journey, maintenance, productivity of the building tenants.


The headquarter of Visioglobe is located in France (in Montbonnot Saint Martin in Isère) and the teams are present through an office in Dubai, Singapore and Canada.


70% of the team are engineers. The evolutions of the products are done in sprint method.

20% of them are dedicated to research and development.

The rest of the team is made up of sales people, graphic team, project manager and human resources.


  • Visioglobe is 100% owner and inventor of its technology.
  • This allows great flexibility in terms of adding features within the solution.
  • Visioglobe is 100% compatible and agnostic to indoor positioning “blue dot” (beacon, Wifi, Lifi).
  • Visioglobe is 100% compatible and agnostic to third-party CMS (building management, IoT, directories, social networks)



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Visioglobe solutions

Our core business is focused on indoor digital mapping. More exactly, we map every large indoor space that allows an end-user to orient themselves but also to obtain information about the place where he is.



Visioglobe technology makes it possible to visualize the maps thanks to the SDKs.

VisioMove Essential turnkey solution for iOS / Android

VisioWeb for websites, mobile and interactive kiosk

Our maps are then embedded by a third-party integrator or internal IT teams on mobile, web or kiosk.


As an overview Visioglobe SDK’s provide the following capabilities for the routing:

Point-to-point shortest and fastest path routing.

Navigation instructions support landmark-based routing as opposed to distance only (e.g “Turn left at this Shop” vs “Turn left in 30 meters”)

The routing network is made up of nodes and edges. The edges may contain modalities (like shuttle, bike) and be tagged (“steps”). By filtering certain attributes when requesting a route, it’s possible to obtain an accessible route.       

The routing and navigation are computed offline (client-side) for native applications (iOS, Android) and for web.





VisioMapEditor is the back office provided by Visioglobe.

VisioMapEditor is a SaaS solution and accessible on the cloud.

Visioglobe created this software and its 100% owned by Visioglobe.

Each 6 weeks new features are added to the software based on the client’s requirements.


Once the maps are produced, they are accessible via the VisioMapEditor, enabling our client to easily make modifications.

Our clients can even create the maps from scratch with VisioMapEditor.


VisioMapEditor allows to edit visual data and look and feel like:

Creating, moving walls location, defining walls extrusion, styles, colour, shape, themes

Splitting, merging spaces

Edit service icons

Creating routing network with different modalities (for people with reduced mobility for example)

Using the VisioMapEditor “theme” feature, it is possible to have multiple themes (visual styles) for different maps in one click.


Success Story

One of the best use case Visioglobe has in Hospital digital indoor mapping solution is in U.S.A. with local partner.


Hospitals are not easy places to find your way around. They can be scary and stressful for many people (patient as medical staff), making it confusing to find the x-ray department, a clinic, or visit a patient.


“Finding your way through the massive maze-like facilities of a major hospital or medical center can be stressful, frustrating and even result in late or missed appointments – a problem that costs hospitals over $150 Billion annually in the United States.


Moreover, even staff get lost, and constantly struggle to find their way efficiently.  This has a real impact on productivity, in addition to the interruptions and time spent assisting patients and visitors get to their destinations.“ ( Connexient quote, Visioglobe partner in U.S.A using our mapping technology.


That’s why Visioglobe taught it could be interesting to promote Indoor Digital Wayfinding Solutions inside Hospitals.


Now Visioglobe wayfinding solutions are embedded in more than 20 biggest U.S hospitals applications made by Connexient and meet the needs of Hospital staff and patient with:

  • Outdoor & Indoor mapping solution.
  • Outdoor & Indoor turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Meet me option to meet easily and quickly in real time your doctor, nurse, patient.
  • Appointment scheduling option

Visioglobe strength is to provide one single map for multiple platform in the hospital (mobile, website, and interactive kiosk). In addition, the same map can be used for multiple usages: orientation of the patients but also asset tracking;



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