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UEX is the first 100% Digital Health Insurance Distribution Platform.

About UEX

It’s not health insurance which is difficult, it’s only the way insurance companies talk about it!

In 2016, Grégoire decided to start a new adventure in Singapore and build a company which can provide a new way to understand and buy health insurance. Tired of hearing that “there is no easy and efficient way to protect my health, and subscribe to an insurance plan.The value of insurance products is unclear and I never know if I am covered until I have a claim”, he decided to change the customer’s insurance journey: from the choice of a cover, to the purchase of the contract.

Live and compliant in September 2016 UEX sticks to its  motto: simplify the way people understand and buy Health Insurance in Singapore.

UEX is the first 100% Digital Health Insurance Platform, but what does it mean exactly?

UEX is an online platform and a licensed agent providing insurance online It relies on partnership with well-known insurance companies to provide what people need in terms of protection and services.

Who are UEX clients and partners?

Insurance companies, as AXA: UEX provides them its innovation and its ability to go back to the roots of insurance by focusing on the client needs.

Trusted third parties websites, as www.lebottin.sg: UEX widens its scope of distribution by providing trusted third parties websites a new and innovative tool to distribute insurance product.

Final consumers: UEX understands the real needs of the clients and gives them an easy way to customize and buy health insurance to protect themselves and their family.

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Guide Malin

Launched in February 2017, KANLAH is UEX‘s chat bot on Facebook Messenger.

KANLAH guides you step by step through your insurance journey to customize your own insurance coverage.

Connect to Messenger, chat with KANLAH and answer her questions. It’s easy and it takes only 2 minutes! You will get 2 customizations: one according to you real needs and one based on your budget.

With KANLAH, people can get insurance advice whenever they want: no more appointments! With KANLAH and UEX platform, the process to buy health insurance is now innovative and intuitive!

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