Work with key stakeholders (pharmaceutical-medical device companies / insurance companies, public authorities (governments, associations,…) to:
*Define & design prevention or disease awareness programs & campaigns with a specific target (eg: at school, in the office, in public transport,..) -> define the key messages, where and what to advertise,…

Work with key stakeholders (pharmaceutical-medical device companies / insurance companies, public authorities (governments, associations,…) to:
* Design diagnostic programs (bringing more people to get a diagnostic for diabetes: how? When? How to convince them?),
* Scouting of partners, tools or technologies for companies to develop innovative diagnostic devices or tools (eg: connected diagnostic tools to ease the process, reduce time spent,…)
* Build a diagnostic campaign (key messages to advertise)

Work with key stakeholders (pharmaceutical-medical device companies / insurance companies public authorities (governments, associations,…) to:
* Develop connected care programs (treatment program to enroll the patient into his treatment for diabetes, communication with the relevant HCPs, provide the patient with relevant information on diabetes & adequate behavior throughout the treatment, ensure compliance via innovative / digital tools (applications, connected devices,..)
* Patient centricity = develop services to go beyond the product for pharmaceutical companies (eg: connected devices to measure the glucose level in real time linked to an application to communicate the results and have a real time discussion with the doctor in case of a crisis or event)

Work at the hospital level for the hospital director or pharmaceutical-medical device companies to:
* Work on efficiency programs to make the patient journey for diabetics more integrated and efficient => with an impact of reducing time spent in the hospital (quality of life of the patient) and therefore costs, and enhance the number of patients to be treated by the hospital (less time for each patient so opportunity to receive more patients)

Work with pharmaceutical-medical device companies all along the treatment process to:
* Build partnerships with homecare providers to bring services to the patients throughout their treatments
* Build partnerships with other 3rd party players such as insurance companies to optimize treatment costs and treatment burden for patients and their families

  1. Healthy People

Healthy People in the Singapore population can enjoy fundamental healthcare protection with AXA Shield, our individual Integrated Shield Plan that offers customers a wide range of benefits to cover their everyday healthcare needs, from pre-hospitalisation to post-hospitalisation. Integrated Shield Plans are private insurance plans for hospitalisation which are part of the Singapore government’s healthcare financing framework to help Singaporeans manage heavy hospital bills.

Amidst a climate of over increasing medical costs, AXA Shield helps Healthy People to sustainably meet their essential healthcare needs at the optimum cost with the following valuable benefits:

  • One of the longest post-hospitalisation coverage among all the government-approved Integrated Shield Plan providers, at 365 days
  • High annual coverage limits of up to S$1 million
  • Flexibility in choosing plans and riders based on their varying needs, wants, and cost considerations
  • Exclusive Letter of Guarantee (LOG) services up to S$100,000 at private hospitals if referred through our panel of medical specialists, and up to S$15,000 at public hospitals


Collaborative Science
•Challenge: 3 months to set up secure data exchange with a new partner
•BIOVIA Solution: 85% less time and resources to share data externally

Unified Laboratory Management
•Challenge: 10% of new data is ever analyzed (IDC infographic –
•BIOVIA Solution: 70% increase in data reuse

Process Production Operations
•Challenge: 90% organizations deal with siloed data
•BIOVIA Solution: 95% less time to aggregate data

Quality and Regulatory Management
•Challenge: 60% FDA warnings are for data integrity
•BIOVIA Solution: 85% improvement in data traceability

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