Having a baby can be both an enjoyable and challenging time for parents. Complete Healthcare International (CHI) is happy to announce the opening of the Well-Baby Clinic to help parents and babies in their journey.


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At CHI, we believe that the aim of the Well Baby Clinic is to provide regular physical examinations and development checks by a doctor to ensure your baby is reaching the necessary age-appropriate milestones. This allows for early detection of health-related problems and timely management. Well baby checks are recommended for all babies, but particularly those who are born pre-maturely or have had medical problems detected in-utero or after birth.


Having a new baby however is not just all about the baby. Parents may also require support and education after bringing a little one home. A Well Baby Clinic can provide you with this to ensure that your parenthood journey is positive right from the start.


There are many benefits of attending a Well Baby Clinic, from physical and developmental/growth checks as well as vaccination for the baby to providing support and optimizing the health of the parents. The Well Baby Clinic should be a place where patents feel welcomed and supported. It should provide all the necessary information they need as a parent and allow them to raise any concerns they may have about their new baby be that a new skin rash, concerns about a baby’s development or simply general baby care advice.


If you have any question, please contact enquiries@chi-health.com.sg




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